News on AILA Europe

During the last meeting of the European Affiliates in Applied Linguistics, Gregory Miras was elected as coordinator of AILA Europe following the work that had been done by Aleksandra Gnach for many years. This transition comes at a time when we are about to celebrate AILA's 20th Congress and AILA's 60th Anniversary, as the association was founded in Europe in 1964. Its creation was an international marker for the institutionalisation of Applied Linguistics with a focus on real world problems. Nowadays, the COVID crisis has taught us - and is still teaching us - that we can implement faster, more effective and more sustainable scientific links. We will take advantage of these tools to build a new way of working together and to promote the AILA Europe Junior Researcher Meeting in order to help PhD students to develop research in Applied Linguistics on burning issues by participating in an international network.

European Journal of Applied Linguistics

European Journal of Applied Linguistics
Editor-in-Chief: Bührig, Kristin / García Mayo, María del Pilar / ten Thije, Jan D.

The European Journal of Applied Linguistics (EuJAL) focuses on the particular concerns of applied linguistics in European contexts, both by addressing problems that are typically relevant for the linguistic situation in Europe, from those on the level of the EU as a pan-national body down to the level of the individual, and by examining topics broached by or discussed in European applied linguistics in particular. In addition to resulting from an epistemological stance, EuJAL is a logical outcome of the regionalization policy of the Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquée (AILA), supporting the societies' commitment to regionalization by focusing on the European language space and by giving applied linguists from this regional context an adequate forum. EuJAL is part of the joint activities of the European AILA affiliates.