Past AILA World Congresses


18th AILA World Congress

23-28 July 2017, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Innovation and Epistemological Challenges in Applied Linguistics

AILA 2017 Conference program


17th AILA World Congress

10-15 August 2014, Brisbane, Australia

One World - Many Languages

AILA 2014 Program booklet

AILA 2014 Abstract book

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16th AILA World Congress

23-29 August 2011, CELEA, Beijing, China

Harmony in Diversity: Language, Culture, Society

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15th AILA World Congress

24-29 August 2008, GAL, Essen, Germany

Multilingualism: Challenges and Opportunities

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14th AILA World Congress

25-29 July 2005, AAAL, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

The future is now!

The congress website is no longer available. You may still find some information via the "Wayback Machine" of


13th AILA World Congress

16-21 December 2002, Singapore

Applied Linguistics in the 21st Century: Opportunities for Innovation & Creativity


12th AILA World Congress

1-6 August 1999, Tokyo, Japan

The Roles of Language in the 21st Century: Unity and Diversity.


(1999): Selected Papers from AILA '99 Tokyo. Edited by AILA '99 Tokyo Organizing Committee. Tokyo: Waseda University Press.

11th AILA World Congress

August 1996, Jyväskylä, Finland

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10th AILA World Congress

8-14 August 1993, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Skutnabb-Kangas, Tove (ed.) (1995): Multilingualism for all. Swets & Zeitlinger Lisse.

9th AILA World Congress

1990, Halkidiki, Greece


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8th AILA World Congress

16-21 August 1987, Sydney University, Sydney, Australia


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7th AILA World Congress

5-10 August 1984, University of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

The Contribution of Applied Linguistics to International Understanding


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6th AILA World Congress

1981, Lund, Sweden


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5th AILA World Congress

20-26 August 1978, Montréal, Canada


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4th AILA World Congress

25-30 August 1975, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany


Abstracts: Stuttgart, 25th-30th August/ International Congress of Applied Linguistics

3rd AILA World Congress

21-26 August 1972, ADLA, Copenhagen, Denmark


Nickel, Gerhard (ed.) (1974): Applied contrastive linguistics.

Verdoodt, A. (ed.) (1974): Applied sociolinguistics.

Qvistgaard, Jaques, Schwarz, H. & Spang-Hanssen, H. (eds.) (1974): Applied linguistics: Problems and solutions.

2nd AILA World Congress

8-12 September 1969, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England


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1st AILA World Congress

26-31 October 1964, University of Nancy, Nancy, France


Actes du premier Colloque International de Linguistique Appliquée. Nancy, 1966.
Preface by Bernhard Pottier & Guy Bourquin.

  • I. L'Automatiosation en Linguistique
  • II. Pédagogie des Langues Vivantes
  • III. La Coordination des Recherches dans le Domaine Européen