European Journal of Applied Lingusitics – Volume 10 Issue 2

European Journal of Applied Lingusitics
Volume 10 Issue 2


  • EditorialFrom the roots to the new blossoming buds of Applied Linguistics in Europe - Grégory Miras, Aleksandra Gnach
  • Regis Kawecki: In what ways are the Semarang University Indonesian learners of French developing an Interlanguage?
  • Terezie Nerušilová: Development of students’ spoken language in an online French course: Presentation of continuing doctoral research
  • Clara Cousinard: How to use oral multimodal corpora and data-driven learning to teach French Talk-in-Interaction
  • Jaqueline Mora: Prototypical associations in the production of words in English as a foreign language by L2 learners
  • Paul Pouzergue : Multilevel courses and blended learning – tools for pedagogical differentiation and promoting student automony
  • Alma Žero: Inclusive Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Exploring English language teachers’ competencies
  • Mariangel Carreño: Students’ voices about English language learning in school and beyond
  • Valéria Schörghofer-Queiroz: Identity construction of multilingual parents in the context of parental engagement
  • Betül Seda Battilani: Translanguaging, co-learning, and participatory investment in multilingual workplaces
  • Dajana Zečić: The Brexit campaign in British tabloids: The role of passives in the process of positive self- and negative other-presentation
  • Sophia Burnett: Offsetting love and hate: The prosodic effects of the non-standard 1sg in tweets to Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn over four days of the UK general election
  • EpilogueFrom bud to fruit and back to the roots of the European Journal of Applied Linguistics - Stephanie Risse