AILA Tandem Initiative IRAAL–SAALinBiH: Launching Joint Webinars

The IRAAL-SAALinBiH tandem initiative aims to promote and foster links and collaboration between linguists, applied linguists, and educational practitioners in Ireland and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The tandem initiative took its first steps in Sarajevo, with a brainstorming session on 28 September 2019, during the AILA Europe Junior Research Meeting. Merima Osmankadić, Izabela Dankić, Larisa Kasumagić-Kafedžić (SAALinBiH) and Susanna Nocchi (IRAAL) have initiated and discussed with their organizations’ members an actions plan that includes, e.g., organizing webinars by and for researchers from the two associations. Next steps are documented on the websites of both IRAAL and SAALinBiH:;