Benefits for Members

All members of affiliated national organizations are automatically AILA members. The benefits are:


  • Reduced rate at the triennial AILA World Congress
  • Reduced rate at conferences of AILA affiliations.
  • Participation in international research and practice through its Research Networks (ReN)
  • Free issues of the annual AILA Review
  • Discounts for volumes of the AILA Applied Linguistics Series
  • Discounts for the subscription of various scholarly journals


There are various types of membership in AILA. Individuals can be a member of AILA by membership in a national or regional Association of Applied Linguistics affiliated to AILA or by becoming an individual member of AILA.



Long-term AILA Activities

Launching the AILA affiliates tandem initiative

AILA national affiliates embody traditions and represent cultures of doing, promoting, and supporting research and teaching, for example by the […]

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Setting up new AILA National Affiliates

AILA is in contact with several potential new affiliates, for example, to keep the momentum of the AILA 2017 World […]

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Leveraging the Words of the Year initiatives

Word of the Year initiatives have raised increasing attention around the globe. For Applied Linguists, the phenomenon is of twofold […]

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Interweaving academic networks

Hot topics in research, such as literacy, tend to be addressed by fast-growing networks of globally connected researchers. Network participants […]

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Endorsing socially relevant policies

Officially endorsing empirically grounded and theoretically sound polices on language use can foster the language awareness of decision-makers. By doing […]

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Deepening inter-institutional collaboration

Globally relevant organizations such as UNESCO could benefit from systematic collaboration with AILA – and vice versa. This is all […]

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