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2018 ALAK International Conference

Opportunities, Challenges and Directions: Celebrating 40 Years of ALAK October 13, 2018 ​Sogang University, Seoul, Korea

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MAALIC 2018 and the Launching of AILA ASEAN

Applied Linguistics and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Language, Communication and the Professions December 3-4, 2018 University of Malaya, Kuala […]

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3rd International Conference on Multilingualism and Multilingual Education (ICMME19)

March 21-23, 2019 FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld, Germany

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4th international conference Thinking, Doing, Learning

Usage based perspectives on second language learning June 17-19, 2019 University of Jyväskylä, Finland

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Linguacuisine Showcase Event

September 11, 2018 Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London Attendance is free, but registration is essential

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Studientag VALS-ASLA 2019 / Journée d’études VALS-ASLA 2019

Mehrschriftlichkeit (multiliteracy) im Fremdsprachenerwerb innerhalb und ausserhalb der Schule Plurilittératie (multiliteracy) dans l’apprentissage des langues à l’intérieur et hors du […]

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10th AILA-Europe Junior Researcher Meeting in Applied Linguistics | Update

Research(ing) Cultures in Applied Linguistics September 10-11, 2018 University of Duisburg-Essen, Campus Essen, Germany

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GERAS 40th International Conference

Ethics and specialised domains: the place, functions and forms of ethical considerations in specialised varieties of English March 21-23, 2019 […]

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IRAAL Annual conference

Applied Linguistics and Language Strategies: Practices and Policies November 24, 2018 Dublin City University, Republic of Ireland  

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Conference "Bilingualism and Interculturality: Challenges, Limits and Solutions"

November 29-30, 2018 UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia), Madrid, Spain  

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3rd International Psychology of Language Learning Conference

Stretching Boundaries June 7-10, 2018 Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

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HoLLTnet International Meeting

Bi/Multilingualism and the History of Language Learning and Teaching July 6–7, 2018 University of Reading, United Kingdom  

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Multilingual Education in Linguistically Diverse Contexts (MELDC18)

August 30 - September 1, 2018 University of Malta, Old Campus in Valletta, Malta  

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51st Annual Meeting of the British Association for Applied Linguistics

Taking Risks in Applied Linguistics September 6-8, 2018 York St John University, England, UK

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2018 GAL Congress

Languages – Communication – The Public Domain September 11-14, 2018 University of Duisburg-Essen, Campus Essen, Germany  

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3rd International Conference on the Sociolinguistics of Immigration (Slimig2018)

Language practices, narratives, identities, ideologies and politics of (im)mobility in migratory contexts September 27-28, 2018 Sestri Levante, Genoa, Italy

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Multilingual Awareness and Multilingual Practices (MAMP18)

November 22-24, 2018 Tallinn University, School of Humanities, Estonia   

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3rd International Conference on Communication Across Cultures

Revisiting Multiculturalism and Interdisciplinarity in today's Academic Communication December 6 - 7 2018 University of Social Sciences, Warsaw, Poland

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