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International Journal of Applied Linguistics

The International Journal of Applied Linguistics (InJAL) publishes articles that explore the relationship between expertise in linguistics, broadly defined, and the everyday experience of language. Its scope is international in that it welcomes articles which show explicitly how local issues of language use or learning exemplify more global concerns.

InJAL focusses on "working towards a truly international representation of work in applied linguistics, with equitable participation from different parts of the world" (Editorial 2007, 17/1, 1f.). This means on the one hand putting "particular emphasis on supporting authors and publishing papers from a wide variety of regions and cultures, thereby demonstrating that while the language of this journal is English (...), its concerns are by no means confined to what goes on in English-speaking communities", and on the other hand paying "particular attention in the reviewing process to the requirement that papers from diverse backgrounds make explicit how local issues in applied linguistics exemplify more global concerns". Since the issue 17.1, InJAL has published news from AILA: "InJAL will contribute to making the work of AILA better known to researchers, especially the opportunities this association creates for international networking and collaboration."

The International Journal of Applied Linguistics InJAL is published in co-operation with AILA. In 2007, AILA has given its official endorsement of InJAL. The union will promote the goal of encouraging international scholarship that both the Journal and the Association share. AILA members receive a 20% discount on InJAL.