AILA Research Debate

Coming soon: each issue of the AILA Review stimulates an AILA Research Debate about hot topics in Applied Linguistics.

The contributions in the review serve as starting points for sharing and discussing viewpoints among experts in our field. Whereas writing access requires identification through the AILA app, reading access is open to anyone browsing the AILA website.

Scrutinizing the real-world enterprise
Edited by Daniel Perrin and Claire Kramsch
2018. xiii, 188 pp. >> Research Debate (coming soon)

Key questions:

  1. To what extent has applied linguistics always been a transdisciplinary field?
  2. What are, from an AL perspective, the advantages and disadvantages of transdisciplinarity as compared to interdisciplinarity?
  3. What are the main opportunities and risks inherent in collaborating with practitioners throughout research projects?
  4. Who decides which real-world problem is to be dealt with and by whom?
  5. Is profession any more a guarantee than disciplinarity for mutual understanding and same-ness of judgment when academics collaborate with non-academics in solving problems in the real world?
  6. If power and politics inevitably play a role in identifying and defining real-world problems, how should we conceive of the “problem-solving accountability” of the field of Applied Linguistics?
  7. How can empirically grounded good practices of transdisciplinary research in Applied Linguistics be identified, discussed, and shared effectively in the field?