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AILA Europe

The AILA Europe regional network was launched in 2006. AILA Europe aims at improving communication and cooperation among European applied linguists, including efforts

(a) to collaboratively edit a European Journal of Applied Linguistics, focusing on European topics and research done by European scholars in particular, and publishing contributions in several European languages; and

(b) to promote early-career scholars via the organization of an annual conference exclusively for junior researchers of applied linguistics from all over Europe where they can present their research findings.


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News on AILA Europe

During the last meeting of the European Affiliates in Applied Linguistics, Gregory Miras was elected as coordinator of AILA Europe…

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AILA’s Cooperation with the Council of Europe Continued

AILA has a long tradition in cooperating with the Council of Europe (EMCL). Now, AILA renewed its Memorandum of Cooperation…

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AILA Tandem Initiative IRAAL–SAALinBiH: Launching Joint Webinars

The IRAAL-SAALinBiH tandem initiative aims to promote and foster links and collaboration between linguists, applied linguists, and educational practitioners in…

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Getting started: SAALinBiH. Challenging stereotypes and prejudices

Guest-authored by Merima Osmankadic, President of SAALinBiH   The Society for the Advancement of Applied Linguistics in Bosnia and Herzegovina…

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11th AILA-Europe Junior Researchers' Meeting in Applied Linguistics

Multiperspectivity in Applied Linguistics September 26–28, 2019 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina     The 11th Junior Researchers' Meeting is hosted…

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The Society for Applied Linguistics in Bosnia and Herzegovina (SALinBiH)

Founded on September 28, 2018 Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo     SALinBiH (The Society for Applied linguistics in…

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10th AILA-Europe Junior Researchers' Meeting in Applied Linguistics | Update

Research(ing) Cultures in Applied Linguistics September 10-11, 2018 University of Duisburg-Essen, Campus Essen, Germany     The 10th AILA-Europe Junior…

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European Journal of Applied Linguistics

European Journal of Applied Linguistics Editor-in-Chief: Bührig, Kristin / García Mayo, María del Pilar / ten Thije, Jan D. The…

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