AILA Europe

Network of European Applied Linguists

The need for more regional cooperation among Applied Linguists is obvious in Europe in particular, where there always has been a vast amount and a wide variety of work in Applied Linguistics, but where cross-border cooperation so far takes place only on a smaller scale.

At a meeting hosted by the Free University of Bolzano, Italy, September 2006, to increase intra-European cooperation, a group of European AILA affiliates agreed with the then AILA Secretary General, Karlfried Knapp, to set up a Network of European Applied Linguists (AILA Europe).

AILA Europe has as its objectives to improve communication and cooperation among European Applied Linguists and for this purpose intends

  • to inform on a website about latest publications, projects and congresses of the individual national AILA affiliates,
  • to organize joint conferences or similar events that make it easier geographically for Applied Linguists from Europe to meet and to exchange ideas,
  • to edit a European Journal of Applied Linguistics which focuses on European topics and research done by European scholars in particular and which publishes contributions in several European languages,
  • to promote young researches by organizing an annual conference exclusively for junior researchers of Applied Linguistics from all over Europe where they can present their research findings,
  • to conduct an annual meeting of representatives from European AILA affiliates where new issues of European concern, in particular with respect to multilingualism will be identified and where priorities for future cooperation will be set,
  • to initiate and carry out joint projects to such Europe-related topics.
  • to achieve consultative status with the EU and the Council of Europe, given the amount of competence on language policy related issues in Europe available among the European associations of Applied Linguistics.

The organization of AILA Europe is intended to be as lean as possible and is mainly restricted to an AILA Europe Coordinator. The current AILA Europe coordinator is Aleksandra Gnach (Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland).

At present, the national associations of Applied Linguistics from the following countries have joined AILA Europe

Verband für Angewandte Linguistik (VERBAL)

Estonian Association of Applied Linguistics (EAAL)

Association Finlandaise de Linguistique Appliquée (AFinLA)

Association Française de Linguistique Appliquée (AFLA)

Gesellschaft für Angewandte Linguistik (GAL)

Greek Applied Linguistics Association (GALA)

Associazione Italiana di Linguistica Applicata (AItLA)

Irish Association for Applied Linguistics (IRAAL)

Lithuanian Applied Linguistics Association (LITAKA)

Association Néerlandaise de Linguistique Appliquée (ANéLA)

Russian Federation
National Association of Applied Linguistics (NAAL)

Association Suisse de Linguistique Appliquée (VALS/ASLA)

Asociación Española de Lingústica Aplicada (AEsLA)

Association Suédoise de Linguistique Appliquée (ASLA)

United Kingdom
British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL)

Current activities of AILA Europe

After Bolzano, Italy (2006), AILA Europe Meetings were held in Essen, Germany (2008), Limerick, Ireland (2009 and 2013), Spain (2011), Netherlands (2012), Finland (2014), and Winterthur, Switzerland (2015).

In January 2007, the first AILA Europe Junior Researchers Meeting (JMR) took place at the University of Groningen, Netherlands. Since then, the JRM has been held in various European countries, amongst them Ireland, Finland, Germany, and Switzerland.

AILA Europe was represented with a string of Europe-related symposia at the AILA World Congresses in Essen, Germany (2008), Beijing, China (2011), and Brisbane, Australia (2014).

Mouton-de Gruyter Publishers, Berlin, is publishing the European Journal of Applied Linguistics in cooperation with the AILA Europe affiliates.

AILA-Europe Meetings

2019: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2018: Essen, Germany

2017: Vienna, Austria

2016: Tallinn, Estland

2015: Winterthur, Switzerland

2014: Jyväskylä, Finland

2013: Dublin, Ireland

2012: Lunteren,  Netherlands

2011: Salamanca, Spain

2009: Limerick, Ireland

2008: Essen, Germany

2007: Erfurt, Germany

2006: Bolzano, Italy