Learner Autonomy

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Learner Autonomy

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Convenors 2017-2020:

Kerstin Dofs Ara Institute of Canterbury, New Zealand

Andy Gao University of New South Wales, Australia

Diego Mideros The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

Moira Hobbs  (until 31 July 2018) UNITEC Institute of Technology, Auckland


The AILA ReNLA is focussing on learner autonomy (LA) in foreign/second language learning and teaching. It also includes a variety of sub-topics such as: learner development, learner identity and agency, self-access and advising, learning beyond the classroom, e-learning, and teacher autonomy.

With about 500 members from all around the world, RenLA facilitates networking for academics and research students in the field. We gather and disseminate information on research, and keep members abreast of events and publications through our web site http://ailarenla.org and Facebook page. The AUTO-L mailing list also facilitates communication and discussion between members.

A newsletter, the ReNLA Bulletin, is published on the website annually and autonomous learning resources and literature lists are updated and published regularly. We also maintain a data-base of members and research projects undertaken by them and other researchers in the field.

Another major focus of the Network is to contribute a symposium day to the World Congress. We are always very happy to increase our membership, so if you are interested in this field, please join up by emailing alice.chik@gmail.com