The Language Policy Research Network (LPReN)

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The Language Policy Research Network (LPReN)

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Sarah C. K. Moore


The Center for Applied Linguistics houses the Language Policy Research Network (LPREN), which is an international organization of researchers, scholars, and stakeholders in the field of language policy. LPReN contributes to building a broad and informed network of parties involved in language policy issues through making research and scholarship accessible to policymakers, practitioners, families, and others. The network was founded with consideration for the social responsibilities of scholars working in the area of language policy and the need to combine responsible research with commitment to advocacy. LPReN hosts colloquia at conferences, invites publications related to the field, convenes at events, and shares resources, announcements, and other opportunities via the LPREN listserv which has over 800 members.

  • The LPREN Listserv organizer is Dr. Terrence G. Wiley, President, Center for Applied Linguistics.
  • The moderator is Shereen Bhalla, PhD, Center for Applied Linguistics.