Language Policy Research Network (LPReN)

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Language Policy Research Network (LPReN) 



Language Policy Research Network (LPReN) Scope Statement

The Language Policy Research Network (LPReN) is a global organization of researchers, scholars, and stakeholders in the field related to applied linguistics, language policy with universities and regional representation from at least 13 nation-states. LPReN’s mission is to connect a global network of researchers, scholars, and stakeholders dedicated to providing information, advocacy, and outreach around issues of language policy. Participants are active in the field of Language Policy and Planning (LPP). LPReN was founded in 2006 by a group of leading scholars in language policy, with the goal of supporting international and interdisciplinary networks of language policy parties. Our facilitation of conference panels, oversight of the LPReN listserv, commissioning of publications, and dissemination of resources contributes to the development of networks and rich collaboration around issues in LPP research and scholarship. We contribute to building a broad and informed network of parties involved in language policy issues through making research and scholarship on language policy accessible to policymakers, practitioners, families, and others. The network was founded with consideration for the social responsibilities of scholars working in the area of language policy and the need to combine responsible research with commitment to advocacy.

LPReN Participants and Affiliation

Since 2006, the Language Policy ReN has maintained and expanded a robust member- directed listserv, currently serving 906 enrolled associates from around the world, including colleagues in the full range of career stages—student, junior, mid-, late- and emeritus-level fellows. During the 2017-2021 period, it continued with rich activity, including regular postings regarding Calls for publications, conference proposals, book reviews, awards, position postings, and a wide range of other announcements pertinent to fields, research, and scholarship on language politics, policy, planning, management, and related areas. Participants also engage in powerful dialogue around pressing issues in the field and commemorations for leading scholars in fields relevant to language policy and planning.

Upcoming Activities

LPReN members and its advisory committee and associates are committed to a diverse range of activities over upcoming years. Several projects that especially exemplify LPReN’s contributions to the field are two research projects being conducted by Professor Christopher Stroud of University College of London, UK. Project durations and funders are listed below.

  • 2021-2023 Swedish Science Foundation (VR) grant Educational Pathways to Multilingual Citizenship: The Case of Mozambique
  • 2020-2023 National Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities, South Africa; ‘South-Africa-Brazilian Think Tank’

Other ongoing research also includes Roland Terborg’s upcoming co-edited publication in Spanish, to be published by National Autonomous University of Mexico, listed below. It will address research on language shift in Mexico, Venezuela and France.


Editors: Roland Terborg, Virna Velázquez, Isela Trujillo

LPReN and its members and advisory committee will continue conducting ongoing research and collaboration around issues related to language policy and providing opportunities for collaboration through participation in its Invited Colloquia at AILA.