Call for Literature: Systematic Reviews in Language Education

A project is underway at the University of Oxford to establish a free-at-the-point-of-access database of systematic reviews in language education. While we are doing this primarily by searching existing databases and journal websites, we want to ensure that we have covered as much ground as possible by asking our colleagues in the field to send us the bibliographic information for any relevant systematic reviews they are aware of. In addition to systematic reviews published in scholarly journals and independently published reviews, we are keen to include reviews that form part or all of doctoral theses. In all cases, reviews should address a question related to language education. We have provided more detail on what we mean by ‘systematic review’ and ‘language education’ below.

The reviews will form part of an electronic database that will allow researchers, practitioners and the lay public to locate easily systematic reviews in language education, and thus to help to promote practice and new research that is informed by robust syntheses of existing knowledge.

We will include reviews published in any language as long as there is an English language version of the abstract.

If you know of any reviews that meet these inclusion criteria, please email the bibliographic reference (and, if available, a link to the publication) to

With thanks and best wishes,
Jessica Briggs Baffoe-Djan and Hamish Chalmers