AILA Research Networks: Call for Applications for new ReNs

Deadline: 15 January, 2022

  1. Research Networks (ReNs) within AILA are formed for promoting research and disseminating their research findings inside and outside AILA. Each ReN focuses on a special topic area of Applied Linguistics that has the potential for new cross-disciplinary research.
  2. ReNs exist for three years and can be renewed. Generally, the life of a ReN is not expected to be longer than six years (

The criteria for ReNs includes:

  • a research area pertaining to applied linguistics;
  • participants who are active in the research area of the ReN;
  • at least five members, some of whom should be new scholars;
  • multinational composition with universities from at least three countries;
  • a commitment to fill a ReN symposium slot at the 2024 AILA Congress;

For applications (both renewals and new applications), the ReN convener must submit a proposal to the ReN Coordinator, Glenda El Gamal at The proposal should consist of:

  • a statement concerning the scope of the ReN,
  • a list of the participants of the ReN and their affiliation,
  • a plan for ReN activities for the upcoming three years, and
  • a design for a ReN symposium at the 2024 AILA Congress in Kuala Lumpur

Applications to set up a ReN should be submitted by 15 January. Submissions should be sent to the AILA ReN Coordinator Glenda El Gamal at
Notification of acceptance will occur by 28 February 2022.