AILA 2020 innovation: Interconnected papers throughout the congress

AILA 2020 introduces a new format! There will be more than 200 symposia to choose from. All the papers will be submitted to one of these symposia. Presentation formats within each symposium include:

  • Featured multimodal presentations: 30 minutes of a ppt presentation, 10 minutes for discussion. These will take place at the beginning of each half-day slot and will set the tone for the symposium. You must have been explicitly invited by the symposium organiser(s) to submit to this format.
  • Standard multimodal presentations: What we are most used to seeing at conferences: 12-20 minute presentations with a ppt. The exact amount of time for each of these presentations is up to the symposium organizers and depends on the number of abstracts accepted.
  • Focused multimodal presentations: The most innovative presentations at AILA 2020! In pitches of 2-5 minutes, speakers advertise the presentations that take place over lunch in the dedicated focused presentation space where the symposia attendants meet. Additionally, these presenters will have the opportunity to upload a full 12-minute version of their paper (video/audio ppt) to the AILA website where it will stay for a full year after presenting at AILA 2020.

The symposia chairs’ key task will be to foreground the interconnections between the presentations of all formats. By doing so, they ensure that each symposium is much more than the sum of its parts: an opportunity to thoroughly discuss research at different stages of projects and academic trajectories in the field. The call for papers will be published in mid-July 2019.


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