Co-editing the International Journal of Applied Linguistics: Handover in September

The International Journal of Applied Linguistics (InJAL) publishes articles that explore the relationship between expertise in linguistics, broadly defined, and the everyday experience of language. Its scope is international in that it welcomes articles which show explicitly how local issues of language use or learning exemplify more global concerns.

Ben Rampton said about InJAL that it “plays an important role in fostering creative interdisciplinarity within high quality applied linguistic research.” Nikolas Coupland considered InJAL “best placed to promote a revitalised, more open and more self-aware Applied Linguistics”. And Henry Widdowson termed InJAL an “excellent journal”, adding that its “scholarly content is of a consistently high quality, and it engages with current issues in applied linguistics in a very effective way, not only by publishing papers by key people in the field, but by encouraging critical debate […]. No other journal has brought these contemporary and contentious issues so strikingly into the open.”

After co-editing the journal for more than a decade, Daniel Perrin would like to hand over the baton such that a new editor gets a chance to work for this renowned journal. Experienced colleagues in the field are encouraged to contact Dr. Hannah Reed, Associate Journal Publishing Manager: