The ENACT Web App Prizes 2022

The ENACT Web App Prizes will be awarded to the people who upload the best cultural activities for language learning using the ENACT ‘CREATE’ author software during the period 16 May to 25 July 2022.

The First Prize consists of a payment of £200 plus an ENACT Web App Gold Certificate. There is also a Prize for Best Materials for an Endangered Language and Culture (£100) and a Prize for Best Materials for Ukrainian Language and Culture (£100). Both will also receive an ENACT Web App Silver Certificate. All materials will feature on the front page of all ENACT media and the activities will be promoted around the world on the website.

To enter for the ENACT Web App prize:

1) Watch the video tutorials on how to create your own cultural activity on
2) For an example of a good cultural activity, try Karagöz (Turkish) .
3) Create a login on to use the CREATE author software to create your interactive content.
4) Gather your materials and equipment as well as your recording equipment, perform your cultural activity and record it.
5) Enter all of your video and audio files, photos and text in ‘create your interactive content’ to form a complete cultural activity.
6) If your language is not listed, choose ‘other’ and then write the name of your language in the ‘tag the activity with keywords’ box.
7) Tick ‘publish’ at the bottom when the activity is finished.8) When you see your activity appear on LEARN this means that you have successfully uploaded your activity. It may take a day to upload onto the server.
9) Then email us on to say you wish to enter the 2022 ENACT Web App contest. Give us a) your name b) the name and language of your cultural activity as it appears on ENACT
c) which of the 3 prizes you are entering for d) your preferred email address for contact.

The cultural activity for language learning can involve learning any language and any cultural activity. There is no cost to making an entry.

Entries will be judged during August 2022 and the winner and runners-up announced on 5 September 2022.