ReN Linguistics of Food: February 2020 News

Cornelia Gerhardt, Saarland University, Germany. Email:
Polly Szatrowski, University of Minnesota, USA. Email:
Jon Coltz, University of Minnesota, USA. Email:
Sally Wiggins, Linköping University, Sweden. Email:


Recent events and publications

Gerhardt, C. (2019). Vegane Foodblogs: Fachsprachliche Adjektive und Modifikationen. In: Marietta Calderón & Carmen Konzett-Firth (Eds.), Dynamische Approximationen: Festschriftliches pünktlichst zu Eva Lavrics 62,5. Geburtstag (Kontrastes/Kontraste 3), 531-544. Berlin: Peter Lang.

Wiggins, S. (2019). Moments of pleasure: A preliminary classification of gustatory mmms and the enactment of enjoyment during infant mealtimes. Frontiers in Psychology, July 2019.

Szatrowski, P. (2020). Tracking references to unfamiliar food in Japanese Taster Lunches: Negotiating agreement while adapting language to food. The JAPANESE language from an empirical perspective: Corpus-based studies and studies on discourse, ed. by Andrej Bekeš & Irena Srdanović, 53-76. Ljubljana, Slovenia: University Press, Faculty of Arts= Znanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete.


Preparations for the World Congress 2020

The Linguistics of Food ReN is planning to have a symposium at the World Congress 2020, entitled Whose taste matters? Authority, meaning, and culture in the linguistics of food. The symposium is expected to span over two half-days, and will feature keynote presentations from Prof. Dr. Lorenza Mondada and Prof. Dr. Stefan Deimer. The symposium will address global and cultural challenges within the linguistics of food, focusing on how taste (and other senses) is not simply a property of individuals or of foods, but rather becomes a contested and negotiated concept through lexical and embodied linguistic practices. In short, ‘taste’ is a fluid concept and has implications not only for the field of linguistics, but also across the sensory and social sciences. The symposium will bring together researchers working in four key areas within the linguistics of food: interactional food assessments, the semantics of taste, consuming identities and global food media. Details of the symposium and individual presentations will be available following the AILA2020 registration deadline in mid-April.


Ongoing research and opportunities for collaboration

 Sally Wiggins is working with colleagues at Linköping University, Sweden, on non-lexical vocalisations during eating practices, such as gustatory mmms and lip-smacks. See website for more information: She has also recently begun a four-year Swedish Research Council funded project to study infants’ lunchtimes and eating practices in kindergarten settings.


Contact information

The ReN has a website which can be found here: and contact can be made through the website or directly to