JACET’s 60th Anniversary: Celebrating the Shift Towards Transdisciplinarity

August 25–29, 2021





JAAL-in-JACET represents Japan as an AILA affiliate. It became an AILA affiliate in 1984 and has been promoting applied linguistics in Japanese academia. JACET stands for the Japan Association of College English Teachers. As the name suggests, it is a major academic organization focusing primarily on English Language Teaching (ELT) at higher education. While ELT was the dominant area within applied linguistics in Japan, positioning an AILA affiliate within an ELT organization has prevented us from collaborating with academics specialized in languages other than English and/or in areas other than language teaching.

JACET is celebrating its 60th anniversary in August 2021. We will dedicate five days (Aug 25-29) to the JACET 60th Anniversary Commemorative Week including the 60th Commemorative International Conference. It will be held online and we have sent information to AILA and its affiliates in Asia and the Pacific. (Call for Papers is open until February 28th at https://jacet.org/jacet60th/requirements/cfp/) In the conference, there will be AILA East Asia Symposium as well as JAAL-in-JACET symposium.

If you look at our call for papers, you may notice what we have done to expand our horizon. For many years, we have invited academics in various disciplines to our international conferences to seek possible collaborations, however, we have asked general presenters to submit proposals on topics related to ELT.  For the first time, JACET International Conference has removed ‘English’ and ‘Language Teaching’ from requirement of the topic. This move was motivated by the JAAL-in-JACET symposium on the future of applied linguistics at JACET 2019 in Nagoya in which the panelists (Daniel Perrin, Paul Kei Matsuda and Masaki Oda) recognized the translingual and transdisciplinary nature of applied linguistics and we, as an AILA affiliate, determined that this would be our direction for the future.

Masaki Oda, Ph.D. Tamagawa University
Vice President, JAAL-in-JACET