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Awardees 2021

Bruna Frazatto – Brazil

Paper: Internationalization in a Brazilian university: what about Portuguese as an additional language and language policy?


Aliya Aimoldina – Kazakhstan

Paper: English in the workplace of Kazakhstan: peculiarities, trends and challenges


Gabriela N. Tavella – Argentina

Paper: A community service learning experience with university language students in Argentina


Isadora Moraes – Brazil

Paper: Educators should become assessment literate: looking for ways to prepare foreign language teachers in Brazil


Iza Fernandes – Brazil

Paper: Promoting critical literacy and social transformation in TESOL Materials: challenges, innovations and students’ entextualizations


Julma Dalva Vilarinho Pereira Borelli – Brazil

Paper: Living language teacher education otherwise: a decolonial project


Layenne Oliveira – Brazil

Paper: Race and English teaching: discussing narratives of black female teachers in the Brazilian context


Qumrul Hasan – Bangladesh

Paper: The ‘what’ and ‘how’ of Southern knowledge in applied linguistics: English in rural Bangladeshi madrasa


Camilo Andres Bonilla Carvajal – USA

Paper: Effect of L1 interlinear glosses on L2 reading and translation tasks


Hanwool Choe – USA

Paper: Where food review is the show: communicating taste and constructing food reviewer identities in Korean and North American mukbang


Kristina Lewis – USA

Paper 1: Learning to talk like teachers: Metapragmatic discourse as socialization within discussions of microteaching
Paper 2: The interactional interplay between empathy and professional support in teacher-mentor post-observation meetings


Mona El Samaty – Canada

Paper: Language and identity of second-generation Arab immigrants in Montreal, Canada


Alex Lee – USA

Paper: Using Binding with Prosody to encourage and discourage further participation


Betul Cimenli - Turkey

Paper: A Conversation Analysis inspired investigation of stylistic variation


Abdulwahed Al Zumor - Saudi Arabia

Paper: Linguistic strategies for expressing stance in advanced L2 students’ critique writing: a corpus based study


Karim Sadeghi – Iran

Paper: A multimodal CDA perspective to parliamentary elections in Iran


Monaliza Chian – Hong Kong

Paper: Designing learning opportunities to develop academic literacies in an interdisciplinary curriculum in higher education: practices, processes and challenges


Nilüfer Can Daşkın – Turkey

Paper: Longitudinal tracking of student access to a past learning object in an L2 classroom setting


Papia Sengupta – India

Paper: New nationalism and language policy: India in Perspective


Clara Stumm – Germany

Paper: Beauticians are all men? Gygax et al. (2008) revisited


Esin Isil Gülbeyaz – Germany

Paper: Development of academic register in bilingual pupils-a comparison between bilingual and monolingual settings


Gadella Kamstra, Lorena S – UK

Paper: Enriching EFL Teachers’ professional experiences and motivation: an ecological perspective


Kedi Simpson – UK

Paper 1: Intra-individual variation in developmental trajectories of L2 French listening: eight case studies from a CDST perspective
Paper 2: A cognitive perspective on L2 listeners’ difficulties: a replication of Goh (2000)


Mingdan Wu – UK

Paper: Doing solidarity: language and race in spaces of otherwise


Vera Savić – Serbia

Paper: Acquiring literacy in EFL: reading strategies and reading success of EFL learners