40th International Congress of the Spanish Association of Applied Linguistics (AESLA) – April 26-28, 2023

40 International Conference Spanish Society for Applied Linguistics (AESLA)
26 - 28 April 2023
University of Extremadura
with the collaboration of Mérida City Council


Interdiscourse and digital genres: Open science and multilingual approaches

Technological advances and social networks, which have grown in importance as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, have led to a more intense use of digital genres and other new means of communication and scientific dissemination. The need to share scientific data, reports andindicators has also triggered an avalanche of reflections regarding the ways that knowledge can be disseminated.

Promoting open-source policies that encourage the exchange of information amongst the scientific community, society at large and the business sector at the front of its development could improve how scientific work is received and recognized, and thus also its subsequent impact. In this process, linguistics plays a fundamental role both in the analysis of language use and the textual, polyphonic, and social levels etc., that surround it, as well as in the effective dissemination of scientific information to diverse audiences.

In this sense, one of the objectives of this conference is to establish a forum for reflection on the challenges arising from open source communications. A significant phenomenon in this context is the present dichotomy in which, on the one hand, English is often preferred as the primary language of science and its dissemination, which promotes the development of transnational scientific cooperation. Yet, on the other hand, such a preference can adversely affect the possibility that research and science can be disseminated through national languages. There will be no shortage of challenges that applied linguistics will face in this new scenario, beginning with the need to delve into and identify emerging areas of intervention in response to this new linguistic and communicative landscape. No doubt this will include key factors such as interdisdiscourse, digital genres, translation and technologies, scientific transfer and the transparency of open data and multilingualism, among others.

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