ONELA 2021: Colloque AFLA and AILA Europe Junior Researchers 2021

Conference Theme: Instruments and Explorations in Applied Linguistics

October 19–21, 2021

Toulouse, France



ONELA 2021 in Toulouse, France brings together the AILA Europe Junior Researchers Meeting with AFLA, the French association for applied linguistics. Organised in collaboration with the Lairdil[1], CLLE[2] and BCL[3], the latest in the conference series CRELA 2013, TRELA 2015, and PRELA 2019, ONELA will focus on Instruments and Explorations in Applied Linguistics, since the question of instrumentation is relevant to all applied linguists, whether they work on the use of language(s), translation, language education, corpus linguistics or other areas. Under instrumentation, we first consider language observation: what tools can be used to observe language and how are observations conducted?

The second issue involves data collection: what means are used to gather, record, store, annotate, analyse and understand data? A third point concerns the communication of results: what instruments are employed to share the results of our research, and how can findings in applied linguistics best be disseminated? ONELA 2021 will look beyond instruments per se in order to assess their power to facilitate (or possibly complicate) new explorations in applied linguistics. This theme will be approached from four angles – language observatories, language learning and education, methods in corpus linguistics, and translation – while transversal approaches to epistemological or historical themes may be situated in any of these areas.


Keynote speakers:
  • Béatrice Daille, University of Nantes
  • François Grin, University of Geneva
  • Bryan Smith, Arizona State University