11th International Conference of the Spanish Cognitive Linguistics Association (AELCO)

October 17-19, 2018

University of Córdoba, Córdoba, Spain


The purpose of this conference is to create a forum for discussions on changes in the perception of cultural and linguistic identities in an academic environment. It aims to explore the evolution of communication styles taking place in today’s globalized and multicultural societies.

We invite representatives from the departments of humanities and social sciences who are interested in exchanging theoretical and practical approaches to these phenomena and processes: on a global, national or regional level; from disciplinary, intercultural, cognitive and educational perspectives.

Therefore, the conference aims to bring together scholars and practitioners from the fields of anthropocentric linguistics; anthropological linguistics; linguistic anthropology; identity and cultural studies; SLA, ESP and English as a lingua franca.

Our plenary speakers are:
  •   Mario Brdar, Professor, University of Osijek (Croatia)
  •   Günter Radden, Emeritus Professor, University of Hamburg (Germany)
  •   Francisco J. Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez, Professor, University of La Rioja (Spain)
  •   Leonard Talmy, Emeritus Professor, University of Buffalo, New York (U.S.A.)
Proposals will be written in any of the languages of the conference (English or Spanish) and sent in pdf format (maximum 500 words, including examples but excluding figures and references), no later than April 10th 2018. They should contain the following information:
  1.   type of presentation; Oral or poster.
  2.   title
  3.   five keywords
  4.   abstract (specifying  research questions,  methodology,  data and  expected  results)
 The deadline to submit the abstracts of approved theme sessions has equally been extended to April 10, 2018.
* Please avoid including the names, affiliations or addresses of the authors of the presentation. For further important submission instructions please to go to:
For more information on the Conference, please visit: