Eighth International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT 2019)

August 19-21, 2019

Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada



About the 2019 Conference

Under the auspices of the International Association for Task-Based Language Teaching, the 2019 TBLT Conference will bring together scholars and educators to the beautiful campus of Carleton University, located in Canada’s capital.

Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) is an educational framework for the theory and practice of teaching second or foreign languages. Based on empirical research, TBLT adopts meaning-based, communicative tasks as the central unit for defining language learning needs, determining curriculum goals, designing activity in the (language) classroom, and assessing language competencies.

With the “TBLT: Insight, Instruction, Outcomes” theme, the conference aims to broaden the current perspectives on TBLT by focusing on the learner, teaching, and evaluation of learning by asking “what lies ahead?” To this end, we invite researchers and educators from around the world to come together to gain knowledge and increase understanding about task-based theoretical insights, instructional practices, and assessment strategies.


Plenary Speakers

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Call for Papers

The call for papers is now open.
The submission deadline is the 1st of December, 2018.
More information on the conference website.


About the School of Linguistics and Language Studies at Carleton University

Since its inception in 1942, Carleton University has prided itself on being in touch with the community it serves (in Ottawa, across Canada, and internationally) by providing cutting-edge and hands-on education to its 24,000+ full- and part-time students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Carleton is known for its specializations in journalism, public affairs, and its successful language programs. Located in Canada’s capital, Carleton is home to a large number of students who speak or are looking to learn a second/additional language. The School of Linguistics and Language Studies (SLaLS) is “the place on campus for everything language” and offers a variety of programs and courses in linguistics, applied linguistics and discourse studies (ALDS), and modern languages.


We look forward to welcoming you to the TBLT 2019 conference, Carleton University, and Ottawa!