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The Language Policy Research Network (LPReN)

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Ursula Stickler

Regine Hampel

Sarah Heiser

Pauline Ernest

Joseph Hopkins

Aline Germain-Rutherford

Martina Emke


This ReN brings together established language educators: teachers, teacher trainers and researchers, who have been working on ICT and (self-)empowering methods of CPD. By first taking stock of existing training programs and approaches and collecting and comparing these approaches internationally across several continents (Europe, South America, North America, Asia), we intend to explore the beliefs and underlying ideals which inform the training and self-training of language teachers, with the aim of ascertaining trajectories of professional development, as defined in a wide variety of teaching and learning cultures.


The specific objectives of this Research Network are:

  • To collect information about CPD programs which focus on ICT
  • To collect information about CPD programs focusing on self-empowerment of teachers
  • To compare different, international approaches to CPD
  • To compare different beliefs about teachers (“ideal” teachers) from an intercultural perspective
  • To develop a detailed picture of the landscape of language teacher training in terms of digital skills development, according to target culture, culture of origin, teaching and learning cultures, etc.