Mobile Gaming in Language Learning & Teaching

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Mobile Gaming in Language Learning & Teaching

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Hayo Reinders

Mark Pegrum


The aim of this ReN is specifically 1) to explore how games provide opportunities for language input and interaction in informal settings, and 2) to identify ways in which gaming environments can be used for collecting data about language use in out-of-class settings. We are particularly keen to delve further into mobile gaming, the roles of Virtual, and in particular, Augmented Reality (AR), and the influence of the Internet of Things on extending gameplay beyond its usual contexts.


Our main goals in the next three years are:

  • To regularly post new content relevant to digital gaming in the ‘Applied Linguistics’ community on Google+
  • To publish another special issue (in the last three years, we published a special issue of International Journal of Computer Assisted Language Learning and Teaching (2016, 6:4) on ‘Digital games in language education: Methodological considerations’) of an as-yet-to-be-determined journal, reflecting the mobile aspect of gaming
  • To publish a book on ‘Mobile Gaming’ in the New Language Learning and Teaching Environments series of Palgrave Macmillan, following the AILA conference
  • To host a regular (online) research forum, open to both established and emerging researchers, through Kanda University in Tokyo, Japan, by Hayo Reinders. This will provide a platform for ongoing research reports in the areas of out-of-class and informal language learning, with a specific interest in digital games