Migrants in Working Life: Language and Im/mobilities

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Migrants in Working Life: Language and Im/mobilities

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Minna Suni

Julie Kerekes

Jo Angouri


This network investigates the language practices of employed and employment-seeking migrants, using a range of theoretical and methodological approaches. We focus on how migrants construct identities when working in a second language, and when (if ever) they are positioned as legitimate members of the new language and work community.  We explore the perceived barriers faced by migrants who range from low-income workers to highly educated experts. We pay special attention to policies and practices adopted in different national and work-related contexts.

The first ReN meeting was held in connection with the ALAPP conference in Milan to discuss membership, website and future collaborations. Those interested in membership are encouraged to visit the website at https://www.jyu.fi/renmigrantswl.