Literature in Language Learning and Teaching (LiLLT)

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Research that is strongly rooted in educational research methodology or in applied linguistics methodology is only now beginning to emerge. Our group aims to work towards establishing this area of research as an important element of applied linguistics and educational research. The group comprising this AILA REN includes a broad spectrum of researchers interested in the interface of literature and second/foreign language learning from an educational research angle (rather than a pedagogical angle). Many of us are aware of the work done by other researchers, but often this research is in different disciplines and on different languages. The strength of our group lies in its diversity – working and researching in different educational contexts (primary education, secondary education, tertiary education, teacher education); working on different languages (English, French, German, Mandarin, Scandinavian languages and Spanish); focusing on different genres (e.g. novels, poetry, picturebooks).


In the next three years, our mission is to:

  • Continue to raise the profile of research into the use of literature in language classrooms within applied linguistics
  • Encourage dialogue and cooperation between researchers working on the learning of different languages
  • Encourage dialogue and cooperation between researchers working in this area from multiple perspectives (e.g. students’ learning processes and teachers’ professional knowledge, beliefs and motivation)