The Linguistics of Food

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The Linguistics of Food

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Cornelia Gerhardt,Saarland University, Germany

Polly Szatrowski, University of Minnesota, USA

Sally Wiggins, University of Linköping, Sweden

Jon Coltz (University of Minnesota, USA)


This ReN will provide a space for researchers from interdisciplinary backgrounds to develop collaborative research within the linguistics of food. Building on an increasing global interest in food and eating studies, the network will enable a focus on the cultural and social interactional issues around food, incorporating all forms of applied linguistic research. The aims of the network are to make more visible the diversity of linguistics research on food and to provide an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural meeting point for researchers in food and language studies.


Upcoming activities

We are currently in the process of launching the ReN whose activities will very much depend on the interests and input of the members. Our Google+ community can be used for written introductions and announce new research proposals or publications pertaining to language and food: Please also see our website for more information.

To launch the network, we will organize a video-conference so that members can introduce themselves and voice their interest in the ReN. To initiate collaborative work, subgroups with common interests or local chapters may also be formed. We will meet on Zoom which is free and easy-to-use. We are planning to have our first virtual conference on either Monday 11th or Friday 15th June (CEST 15:00).

If you are interested in joining the Research Network on the “Linguistics of Food”, send an email to by 31st May 2018 with a few sentences about your interest in the “Linguistics of Food”. Please also inform us if you intend to join us for the virtual launch and which dates (11th or 15th June) you would be free. We will then contact you in early June with information about the finalized date and time of the virtual conference and a weblink to the meeting location.


Upcoming conferences


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Cornelia Gerhardt, Saarland University, Germany. Email: Polly Szatrowski, University of Minnesota, USA. Email: Jon Coltz, University of Minnesota,…

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