Intercultural Mediation in Language and Culture Teaching …

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Intercultural Mediation in Language and Culture Teaching and Learning

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This ReN aims to study the relationship between language and culture and the enactment of mediation viewed from these different perspectives from the point of view of the actors, strategies and plurilingual and pluricultural trajectories they involve. The main goals are to:

  • Investigate the ways that intercultural mediation can be conceptualised (e.g. as learning, as interpretation, as problem solving, as conflict resolution) and the consequences of these conceptualizations for language teaching and learning;
  • Investigate how intercultural mediation is enacted by teachers, learners and others in language teaching, learning and assessment; x investigate the relationships between mediation as a process and languages and cultures of mediators and the languages and cultures being mediated;
  • Investigate the lived experience of mediation on the part of students and teachers;
  • Investigate the impact of context (e.g. institutions, identities, mobilities) on intercultural mediation and how contexts need to be interpreted and open to interpretations;
  • Develop cross-linguistic approaches and perspectives on intercultural mediation;
  • Consider the consequences of intercultural mediation for teacher professional learning