Fully Inclusive Practitioner Research in Applied Linguistics

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Fully Inclusive Practitioner Research in Applied Linguistics

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The aim of this Research Network is  to bring together researchers,  practitioner researchers, practitioners and scholars who are involved in forms of fully inclusive practitioner research (Allwright & Hanks, 2009) in different geographical/institutional/cultural areas, in order to theorize praxis, share innovations, challenge established orders, and to create new opportunities for communication and collaboration.

As a network, we wish to explore the opportunities for collaboration between learners, teachers, administrators/school managers/teacher educators, and researchers. We challenge traditionally accepted roles and playfully question established identities. Our main aims include:

  • To identify research projects already under way in the various member countries and strengthen international links between groups working in similar topic areas
  • To track the impact that inclusive practitioner research is having in/across applied linguistics and educational cultures
  • To seek out new opportunities for collaborative, relevant, and inclusive practitioner research in applied linguistics and language education
  • To identify the epistemological challenges that practitioner researchers face in applied linguistics, and to explore the innovations they offer for the field
  • To develop the potential for multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural, inclusive practitioner research
  • To continue theory development of fully inclusive practitioner research, especially but not exclusively, Exploratory Practice and Action Research
  • To share methodologies and ideas, and promote creative ways of disseminating fully inclusive practitioner research that supports teachers, teacher educators, managers/administrators, and learners
  • To promote the good research and scholarship that has already been done, and, building on that, to develop new areas of interest, new research, new projects