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Marlies Whitehouse, Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Rudi Palmieri, University of Liverpool

Alexander Laskin, Quinnipiac University


The AILA Research Network (ReN) of Financial Communication brings together applied linguists who investigate the interplay between text production, markets, and changes in the domain of finance in general and financial communication and literacy in particular. In order to obtain deeper insights into this multi-dimensional research field, we are interested in establishing both spontaneous and stable institutionalized connections between scholars who address the highly complex and dynamic interplay of language use in organizations, domains such as economics and politics, as well as society-at-large.


Recent activities (selection):

  • IPrA 2017, Belfast: Panel “Financial literacy – a key to the real world”
  • DAFC 2017, Lugano: Conference “Discourse approaches to financial communication. Building trust in the markets with story and argument”
  • AILA 2017 World Congress, Rio de Janeiro: Panel “The language of numbers. Understanding Financial Communication from an Applied Linguistics Perspective”
  • ABC 2017, Dublin: Panel “Strategic Financial Communication: Designing Effective Arguments and Compelling Narratives in a Multiple Audience Context”


So far, the list of ReN members comprises over 50 scholars from 13 different countries. They engage in research on – and in – a wide range of languages in finance, such as (in alphabetical order) Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Indian, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. By enabling close interdisciplinary dialogue between disciplines and fields, the ReN aims at developing a shared AL-informed research agenda on the language(s) of – and language use in – financial communication.

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