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Crosslinguistic Perspectives on Second Language Studies: Terms and Concepts in French and English

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Shona Whyte

Henry Tyne



The crosslinguistic perspectives on L2 studies network seeks to improve collaboration across French-speaking and English-speaking scholarly communities by offering a forum for participants to review, clarify, and update terms and concepts in second language acquisition, second and foreign language teaching, educational linguistics, and language education across the two languages.

The network seeks to address questions of conceptual and terminological correspondence and distinction in the area of L2 teaching and learning research, particularly with respect to French-speaking and English-speaking scholarly communities. The objectives are to

  • Identify domains of broad agreement (concepts and theories for which satisfactory translation equivalents exist; subfields where these coincide);
  • Pinpoint particularly difficult areas (crosslinguistic gaps, terminological mismatch) and propose solutions to bridge gaps there; and
  • Consider the utility and feasibility of a database of French and English terms in second language studies/didactique des langues

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