Creative Inquiry in Applied Linguistics

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Creative Inquiry in Applied Linguistics

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The aim of the Creative Inquiry Research Network is to develop a central research network for applied linguistics researchers seeking to understand what the relationship between communication and the creative arts is and can be.


The ReN’s broad areas of focus are:

  • The affordances of arts-based methods for understanding and researching communication - drawing, painting, photography, collage, drama, music, creative writing, culinary arts – particularly in contexts of education, community and belonging (e.g. Atkinson and Bradley 2017; Frimberger 2016; Huang 2017; MacKay and Bradley 2016; Pöyhönen 2017);
  • Applied linguistic methods for researching contexts of creative inquiry and artistic practices (e.g. linguistic, visual and sensory ethnography for researching creative practices, or the translation of research findings into creative modes) (e.g. Bradley 2017; Bradley, Moore, Simpson and Atkinson 2017; Bradley and Moore 2018; Moore et al. 2018)
  • The role of arts and creative practice in the dissemination of applied linguistics research to wider publics (e.g. Harvey 2017; Harvey and Vanden 2017)
  • Arts as the objects of communication research, e.g. as multimodal artefacts and means of communication in specific social and political contexts (e.g. Lee 2015; Crowley 2017)
  • The role of creative inquiry in generating new ways of thinking about the relationship between language, knowledge, and the world (e.g. Bradley 2017; Harvey and Vanden 2017; Harvey 2018; Moore et al. 2018).


News by the ReN Creative Inquiry in Applied Linguistics

ReN Creative Inquiry in Applied Linguistics: February 2020 News

    Lou Harvey, University of Leeds, Jessica Bradley, University of Sheffield, Emilee Moore, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona,…

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