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Content and Language Integrated Learning

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As a group, our focus for the next 3-year cycle would like to advance a collaborative focus/awareness of pedagogical perspectives in CLIL. That is, how can our understanding of CLIL be refined and extended by engaging with issues around what CLIL ‘looks like’ as an instructional model, addressing the needs of practitioners, and the relationship between teachers, learners, language, and content, and the ways that this is mediated.

For the 2018-2020 ReN term with ‘pedagogy’ as our collective ReN theme, our specific focus would be sub-themes and research activity around these three overlapping strands:

  • CLIL and social justice (i.e., for more equitable and fairer experiences for learners, accounting for individual differences)
  • CLIL as an instructional practice across content domains and geographical contexts, to strengthen collaborative work between:
    • language and content specialists, and
    • different geographical classroom cultures
  • CLIL and instructional media (i.e., especially technologies, and how these might also help address issues of CLIL with social justice and content and language integration)
  • CLIL as a multilingual space (i.e., translanguaging; the teaching and learning of content in different linguisitic settings)

Further, the CLIL ReN has mainly focused on school-based education to date (i.e., primary and secondary). Given CLIL’s increasing use in tertiary contexts (e.g., in Japan where CLIL has a strong focus amongst college level English teachers, but also throughout Europe), this will also be an area the ReN will encourage over the next 3-year cycle