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About AILA Research Networks

AILA is looking for researchers interested in organizing Research Networks (ReN) focused on special topic areas of Applied Linguistics. If you would like to work internationally on your area of research together with other scholars from all over theworld, you might consider applying to be a ReN organizer.

Dr. Glenda El Gamal
Research Networks Coordinator

What is a ReN?

Research Networks (ReNs) seek to promote research and its dissemination in all academic areas of AILA, with a particular focus on areas that have the potential for new cross-disciplinary research.

ReNs exist for three years and can be renewed. At any point in time, there will be about 15 ReNs in existence. Reapplications are required every three years by the criteria listed below:

  • at least five members, some of whom should be new scholars,
  • multinational composition with universities from at least three countries,
  • participants are active in the research area of the ReN pertaining to applied linguistics,
  • a program for research activities for the three years between congresses, including a commitment to present a symposium at the upcoming AILA World Congress and an organizer (one of the members) who liases with the ReN Coordinator.

How to set up a ReN

For applications, the ReN organizer must submit a proposal to the ReN Coordinator. The deadline for submission is two months after the World Congress. The proposal should consist of

  • a statement concerning the scope of the ReN,
  • a list of the participants of the ReN and their affiliation,
  • a plan for ReN activities for the upcoming three years, and
  • a commitment to fill their ReN symposium slot at the AILA Congress three years hence.

Each ReN organizer is responsible for a brief written report to the ReN Coordinator every three years (2 months after the congress).

Applications to set up a ReN should be directed to the AILA ReN Coordinator and the decision on the acceptance of the proposal will be notified to the ReN organizers no later than two months after the proposal submission deadline.

Members on the ReN committee

Susanna Nocchi, Technological University Dublin, Ireland
Petteri Laihonen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Francisco Cortes, Universidad de La Laguna, Spain
Shameem Rafiq Galea, SEGI University, Malaysia