International Conference on Language and Places: Multilingual Practices and Identity | March 12-14, 2024 | Wingate Campus, Netanya, Israel


International Conference on Language and Places: Multilingual Practices and Identity

March 12-14, 2024

Hosted by Wingate Campus, Netanya, Israel

Contact Person: Prof. Malka Muchnik (


This conference aims at bringing together researchers interested in multilingualism, language and identity, education, language landscape, language attitudes and change over generations. We live in a dynamic global reality where people migrate from place to place, and the number of people living in a country different from where they were born constantly increases. Some migrate out of choice: work, studies, and family, and many others out of necessity: political persecution, disasters, terrorism, or human rights violations. The increase in the number of immigrants is accompanied by research on social, economic, and linguistic characteristics that affect their integration patterns in host societies. Language repertoires should not be associated with national borders and thus with national languages, but cover various diatopic varieties, as well as minority languages, including those linked to migration experiences. The conference envisions a critical space for stimulating dialogue among international scholars.

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