Exploring Research in Applied Linguistics: Insights from the Fourth Series of “45 Minutes with ALTI” Talkshow

The Indonesian Association of Applied Linguistics (IAAL/ALTI) (www.alti2020.wordpress.com) recently hosted the fourth series of its renowned talk show, "45 Minutes with ALTI," in collaboration with Universitas Bandar Lampung (www.ubl.ac.id), Saturday, 30th March 2024. The event, held under the theme of 'Exploring Research in Applied Linguistics,' featured esteemed speakers Prof. Dr. Eva Tuckyta Sari Sujatna, M.Hum from Universitas Padjadjaran, and Prof. Dr. Hasanuddin Fatsah, M.Hum. from Universitas Negeri Gorontalo. Moderating the discussion was IAAL President, Susanto, M.Hum., M.A., M.H., Ph.D.

The event, which commenced at 9 AM, began with a warm welcoming speech from IAAL Secretary General R. Dian Dia-an Muniroh, M.Hum., Ph.D., setting the stage for an enriching dialogue. More than 100 participants joined the event via Zoom, some from Malaysia, indicating the widespread interest in the field of applied linguistics.

Prof. Sujatna initiated the presentations by delving into the foundational concepts of applied linguistics. She then shared insights from her research collaborations and publications with The National Research and Innovation Agency, acquired during her visiting professorship. Prof. Sujatna's expertise in functional linguistics was evident as she discussed its applications in tourism and teaching, underscoring the significance of collaboration as a cornerstone of success.

Prof. Fatsah discussed the development of the applied linguistics curriculum within the School of Postgraduate Studies at his university. He emphasized the necessity of establishing a robust linguistic foundation before embarking on research in applied linguistics. His emphasis on this point strongly resonated with the audience.

The event also featured an engaging question and answer session, where participants had the opportunity to interact with the speakers. Due to time constraints, only two participants were selected to pose questions. The ensuing discussion touched upon valuable insights such as tips for securing research funding and enhancing the readability of texts.

As the event concluded, IAAL Secretary General R. Dian Dia-an Muniroh, M.Hum., Ph.D., extended her gratitude to the speakers, moderator, committees, and attendees. Symbolic certificates were presented via Zoom, acknowledging the significant contributions of Prof. Sujatna and Prof. Fatsah to the success of the event.

In conclusion, the fourth series of "45 Minutes with ALTI" provided a platform for scholars and enthusiasts to discuss the intricacies of applied linguistics research. The insightful presentations and lively discussions underscored the importance of collaboration, expertise, and continuous learning in advancing the field. Such initiatives by IAAL continue to foster knowledge exchange and innovation within the realm of applied linguistics.