ALLT 2023 – Conference Brief

The 5th Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching International Conference and Exhibition (ALLT 2023) was held over three days,  03-05 March 2023 in Zayed University Dubai Campus, United Arab Emirates (UAE) under the theme Innovation, diversity and inclusivity in Applied Linguistics and language education. The Conference aimed at enhancing the professional and knowledge levels of ALLT members through achieving the following objectives:

  • Exchange knowledge and experiences and discuss mechanisms of elevating the performance level of Applied Linguistics, language educators and professionals in relevant fields of disciplines.
  • Present latest modern technologies and leading practices of the fields of English teaching and Applied Linguistics.
  • Highlight the importance of scientific research conducted by the applied linguists and enhance the overall performance of English teachers

Up to 200 delegates attended the conference from the Arab Gulf States and beyond. The event featured four Keynote speakers from the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Australia. It included more than 100 sessions in English including oral presentations, workshops and symposium sessions, in addition to 25 presentations delivered in Arabic. The sessions were on 14 strands, and the most common were the bilingualism and multilingualism and classroom- based research and researched-based teaching strands. ALLT 2023 presenters came from 40 countries, most of which are from the UAE, the host country (n=72 participants) followed by Saudi Arabia (n=27), then Algeria, United Kingdom (UK), the United States (US) and Bangladesh (n=9 from each of these countries).

ALLT 2023 featured the participation of seven regional and international exhibitors who introduced there most recent tools, products, and publications on material which the delegates could benefit from in research and language teaching. The conference offered more than five closed and special training sessions by the invited keynotes speakers and experts on topics relevant to the conference theme and linked with: teaching languages to students of determination; innovative language teaching through ChatGPT, and publications on Applied Linguistics: process, evaluation and traps.

ALLT this year continued to organize the Young Narrator Competition (الراوي الصغير 2023) where up to 100 children between the age of four and nine across the UAE participated in narrating a story written by themselves in Standard Arabic. The competition was judged by four scholars in Arabic language. The celebration of the young narrator was held on the third day of the conference with the presence of the winners’ and participants’ parents.

ALLT 2023 Keynote Speakers

ALLT 2023 Exhibition Area