AILA East Asia

AILA East Asia Symposium

Teaching Culture in English Classes in East Asia

Kagoshima, 31 August 2015. Speakers from CELEA (China), JACET (Japan), and ALAK (South Korea) joined the Second AILA East Asia Symposium at the JACET 54th International Convention to expand and promote the academic activities of AILA in the East-Asian region. The AILA Vice President encouraged the regional network to grow in terms of both topics and affiliates.


Prof. Wen Qiufang (Beijing Foreign Studies U., CELEA)

Prof. Xun Xiaoming (Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, CELEA)

Prof. Joo-Kyung Park (Honam U., ALAK)

Prof. Jihyeon Jeon (Ewha Womans U., ALAK)

Prof. Hisako Yamauchi (Former Prof. of U. of Nagasaki, JACET)

Prof. Masaki Oda (Tamagawa U., JACET)

Prof. Daniel Perrin (Zurich U. of Applied Sciences)

Summary and Comments by Daniel Perrin, AILA Vice President