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Open Scholarship in Applied Linguistics

Recommendation for OS Endorsement

 Open scholarship (OS) combines various movements and practices aiming to make multilingual scientific knowledge openly available, accessible, and reusable for  everyone, thus social impact and scientific collaborations through the sharing of information for the benefits of science and society. The term OS is used by the AILA ReN which proposed guidelines for OS in applied linguistics for its broad connotation and inclusiveness. Though OS comprises all scientific disciplines and aspects of scholarly practices, applied linguistics is yet to engage with OS in greater depth and in a more formalized manner to raise the awareness of OS and the many unresolved issues regarding scientific impact aligned with social impact, research quality and the diversity of research paradigms in applied linguistics. The document shared by the AILA OS ReN contains guidelines and corresponding practices that applied linguists may follow to encourage OS as well as examples of concrete open practices.

The document on open scholarship in applied linguistics is available at: https://openappliedlinguistics.org/ren-statement-on-os-in-al