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AAAL Ethics Guidelines

Recommendation for AAAL Ethics Guidelines

The AAAL Ethics Guidelines offer suggestions for how to engage in ethical practice toward preparing graduate students for professional and academic careers in applied linguistics. Although the focus is on graduate students, the guidelines are also directed to researchers and teachers in as they describe practices with which to facilitate ethical, constructive, and transparent relations among faculty and students.

The guidelines are divided into three main parts. Firstly, attention is given to research and socialization into the academic community and what constitutes ethical conduct when collaborating on research projects with graduate students. Guidelines cover, for example, the design, data collection and analysis, and dissemination phases of research. The second dimension is teaching, the guidelines offering criteria and describing practices with which to guarantee ethics in teaching. These include, for example, recommendations for socially inclusive pedagogical practices, clear evaluation criteria and protection of the confidentiality of student records and personal information. Thirdly, the guidelines address ethics in service, i.e. work involving contributions to academic institutions, the field of applied linguistics, and the wider community. The guidelines remind, for example, of the importance of fairness in distributing key service opportunities to students and of creating opportunities for graduate students to assume leadership roles and of mentoring them to engage in public for a. The guidelines can be contextualized and interpreted in relation to different professional contexts.

The AAAL Ethics Guidelines are available at: https://www.aaal.org/ethics-guidelines