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Newsletter [May]

Dear Colleagues,

Experiencing the coronavirus pandemic makes us suffer, hope – and think out of the box. Although we benefit from the digitalization in virtual meetings, we miss the vibes of real-life, face-to-face interaction. The AILA World Congress in Groningen, shifted from 2020 to 2021, will take this experience into account with an online program layer offered in addition to the traditional symposium format.

Moreover, the May 2020 AILA newsletter informs you about:
  • fostering good practices in Applied Linguistics
  • combining diversity with inclusivity in English Language Education
  • growing the ASEAN Network of Applied Linguistics
  • launching the AILA Q&A for new, potential, and existing members
BTW: How have your practices as researchers and teachers changed since the outbreak of the pandemic? In our Research Debate Special, we discuss critical situations and good practices of doing Applied Linguistics while adapting to sudden changes. Seeing and taking such opportunities helps us strengthen our resilience in these challenging times, both as individuals and as the global community of Applied Linguists.

Best wishes,

Professor Daniel Perrin
President, AILA International Association of Applied Linguistics

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