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December 2022
Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the December issue of the AILA newsletter, 2022.
Recent and forthcoming events by affiliates and others in 2022 and 2023, onsite and virtual, include:

AILA Affiliated Conferences

Date Event Venue
Oct 26-27, 2022 International Seminar of Applied Linguistics (ISIALING) by The Indonesian Association of Applied Linguistics (IAAL) – (online mode) Indonesia
Nov 25-27, 2022 ALANZ-ALAA-ALTAANZ Conference 2022 – Applied Linguistics in the Asia-Pacific Region Wellington, New Zealand
Nov 28, 2022 AFLA (Association Française de Linguistique Appliquée) Annual Meeting (hybrid mode) Paris, France
March 3-5, 2023 The Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching International Conference (ALLT 2023) Dubai, UAE
March 18-21, 2023 AAAL 2023 Conference Portland, Oregon
April 26-28, 2023 40th International Congress of the Spanish Association of Applied Linguistics (AESLA) Mérida, Spain
April 27-28, 2023 EAAL Conference 2023: Language: the user in focus Tallinn, Estonia
April 27-29, 2023 The 5th International Conference of the Linguistic Society of the Philippines Iligan, Philippines
May 4-6, 2023 CCERBAL 2023 Conference Ottawa, Canada
May 27-29, 2023 Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics (CAAL/ACLA) Annual Conference Toronto, Canada
June 15-17, 2023 International Association for World Englishes (IAWE 25) New York, USA
June 26-30, 2023 International Symposium on Bilingualism 14 – Diversity Now Sydney, Australia
June 28-30, 2023 Joint AELFE-LSPPC Conference Zaragoza, Spain
June 28-30, 2023 International Inter-association (History of Language Teaching) Conference Faro, Portugal
July 17-21, 2023 AILA 60th Anniversary World Congress Lyon 2023 Lyon, France
Aug 29-31, 2023 The 62nd JACET International Convention Tokyo, Japan
Aug 11-16, 2024 AILA 60th Anniversary World Congress Kuala Lumpur 2024 Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia

AILA regional networks

AILA pursues a strategy of regionalization that aims at establishing closer international cooperation among applied linguists from more or less neighbouring countries who are affiliated to AILA by fostering joint events, projects and publications in the respective regions. At the same time, AILA looks forward to more collaboration across networks and regions. One such event that has just been held is:

Joint Webinar (ALAA – MAAL): The Challenges of Early Career Researchers (ECRS) in Applied Linguistics: What are they? And how can we address them? – Dec 6, 2022

The webinar was an inter-regional collaboration between ALAA (Australia) and MAAL (Malaysia) with AILA Europe (coordinator).

Research & Publications

AILA Europe has published a special issue of the European Journal of Applied Linguistics, Volume 10 Issue 2:
Theme: New Generation of Applied Linguists in Europe
Guest Editors: Aleksandra Gnach and Gregory Miras

The issue has three sections:
  • Advancements in language teaching and learning
  • Embracing social responsibility through research
  • Understanding complex societal phenomena with linguistic methodology
Find out more about it here.

Call for book proposals

The AILA Applied Linguistics Series (AALS) covers different topics in applied linguistics from a multidisciplinary approach and aims to include different theoretical and methodological perspectives. As an official AILA publication, the series includes contributors from different geographical and linguistic backgrounds. The volumes in the series should be of high quality, break new ground and stimulate further research in Applied Linguistics.

More information about AALS can be found at https://benjamins.com/catalog/aals.

Book proposals for AALS can be submitted following the instructions at https://benjamins.com/content/authors/bookproposals.

Call for proposals for special issues

AILA Review invites AILA members from all national affiliate organisations to submit proposals for future issues of AILA Review. AILA Review is the Scopus-indexed Journal that focuses on cutting-edge research by AILA research networks. It is published by John Benjamins, Amsterdam, and appears twice a year, once as a thematically oriented, guest-edited volume of 100-120 pages, and once as an open issue.

Open Issue: Submissions for the open issue: between 8000 and 10,000 words including references. Please submit via the Editorial Manager: www.editorialmanager.com/aila

Call for Chapter Proposals in edited volume Virtual Reality in the Humanities – Concepts, Methods, and Intercultural Applications - find out here.

Call for Papers by IRAAL - TEANGA Volume 30 - click here.

AILA Archive

We are currently undertaking an interesting project - compiling materials for the AILA Archive - and plan to digitise bulletins and newsletters that will be accessible to members.

The following items are missing, and we would like to request copies specifically of these (along with any other AILA-related materials, e.g. books of conference abstracts).

AILA Bulletin
No. 18 (1975)
No. 21 (1977)
No. 24 (1978?)
No. 25 (1979?)
No. 26 (1979)
No. 27 (1980)
No. 31 (1982)

AILA Bulletin or equivalent, 1983–1985

AILA News or equivalent (2000 onwards)

AILA Review
No. 14
No. 17
Vol. 1 (1986)
Vol. 2 (1987)
Vol. 3 (1988)
Vol. 4, nos. 1–2 (1989)
Vol. 5, nos. 1–2 (1990)
Vol. 6, nos. 2–3 (1991)
Vol. 7 (1992)
Vol. 8 (1993)
Vol. 9, no. 2 (1994)
Vol. 10, no. 2 (1995)
Vol. 11, no. 1 (1997?)
Vol. 12? (1998?)

If anyone has copies of these that they would be willing to donate to the AILA Archive, please contact Professor Richard Smith: R.C.Smith@warwick.ac.uk

Please send materials for the archive to:

Professor Richard Smith
Warwick ELT Archive
Department of Applied Linguistics
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL
United Kingdom
I look forward to receiving more news about affiliates’ publications and events that can be shared in forthcoming newsletters and on the AILA website. Please send them to president@aila.info
I wish everyone Happy Christmas/Season’s greetings/happy holidays and a wonderful New Year.

With best wishes,

Professor Azirah Hashim
President, International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA)