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Dear Colleagues,

The organizing team of the AILA 2020 World Congress in Groningen has dared to think beyond the narrow restraints of conferences featuring only 20-minute presentations. The result is a more flexible and coherent schedule, combining traditional presentation formats with innovative alternatives. Get the news and read them here.

In addition to the AILA 2020 World Congress, the March 2019 newsletter features:
  • the AILA National Affiliates’ conferences in Australia/New Zealand, Japan, Lithuania, Spain, and the UK
  • the 11th AILA-Europe Junior Researcher Meeting in Applied Linguistics in Sarajevo
  • numerous events organized by neighbor and partner organizations dealing with language(s)
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I am looking forward to reading more of your comments about the newsletter and to seeing some of you next week at the 37th AESLA International Conference in Valladolid.

Best wishes,

Professor Daniel Perrin
President, AILA International Association of Applied Linguistics

19th AILA World Congress 2020: Call for Symposia

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The 58th JACET International Convention

5th International Conference Of Applied Linguistics In Lithuania

37th AESLA International Conference

52nd Annual Meeting of the British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL 2019)

11th AILA-Europe Junior Researcher Meeting in Applied Linguistics


International Conference of the German Society of Semiotics 2020

TIRF's 2019 DDG Competition Underway

Research award opportunity: ASHDRA

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