14º Brazilian Conference Of Applied Linguistics | July 14 -18, 2025 | Federal University of Sergipe, Aracaju, Brazil



The Brazilian Association of Applied Linguistics (ALAB) is pleased to hold the 14th Brazilian Conference of Applied Linguistics (14th CBLA) from July 14 to 18, 2025, at Federal University of Sergipe (UFS), in Aracaju-Brazil. In order to celebrate its 35th anniversary (1990-2025) and with the aim of giving national and international visibility to research on Applied Linguistics (AL), ALAB is inviting members, researchers, students, teachers and professionals in AL and related fields to share their studies (finished and/or in progress). The main topic of this event will be “Languages, territories and bodies in movement”.

The 14th CBLA aims to bring together the Brazilian and international community engaged in language-and-society studies to discuss issues related to the topic of the event in the different fields of LA. The conference will also be an opportunity to promote the exchange of knowledge, experiences and practices from different cultural, professional and research backgrounds. Furthermore, the 14th CBLA will hold a) the 1st Applied Linguistics Interchange with Elementary School (1st ILAEB; b) the 2nd Scientific Initiation Colloquium (2nd JIC - for undergraduate students) and c) the 2nd Thesis Seminar (2nd SETE - for doctoral students).

The website for the 14th Brazilian Congress of Applied Linguistics (CBLA) is already up and running. It provides access to all the information about the event and a specific tab for submitting papers and registering.

Click on the link: https://eventos.congresse.me/14cbla

Registration for Thematic Symposium Coordination Submissions is already open for this first stage. The submission period began on May 23, 2024 and runs until July 11, 2024.

Throughout the year, the event page will be updated according to the specific stages of the event's organization.

Please find below the files of the first conference newsletter (in Portuguese, Spanish and English) with important information.