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Cognitive linguistic research in metonymy, metaphor, constructions and frames: Scope, models and methods

The Organizing Committee of the 11th International Conference of the Spanish Cognitive Linguistics Association (AELCO/SCOLA) is pleased to announce that this 11th edition will take place at the University of Córdoba (Spain) on the 17th-19th of October 2018 under the theme ?Cognitive linguistic research in metonymy, metaphor, constructions and frames: Scope, models and methods?.

The following plenary speakers have confirmed their participation:
    - Mario Brdar, University of Osijek (Croatia).
    - Günter Radden, Emeritus Professor, University of Hamburg (Germany).
    - Francisco J. Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez, University of La Rioja (Spain).
    - Leonard Talmy, Emeritus Professor, University of Buffalo, New York (U.S.A.).

Contributions are encouraged on topics included in, or related to, the theme proposed for this edition, such as:
    - Theoretical models for research metaphor, metonymy, constructions and frames.
    - Scientific research methods in the study of metaphor, metonymy, constructions and frames
    - The interaction of metaphor, metonymy, constructions and frames.
    - The development of detailed repositories and databases for metaphor, metonymy, constructions and frames.
    - Cross-linguistic studies on these areas.
    - Multimodal research on these areas.

We also invite a broad range of papers on other traditional topics in cognitive linguistics such as:
    - The structural characteristics of natural language categorization, including (apart from metaphor, metonymy and frames) prototypicality, image schemas, mental imagery and cognitive models).
    - The explicit characterization of linguistic meaning in terms appropriate to its nature (figure/ground, profiling, grounding, scope of predication, etc.).
    - The functional principles of linguistic organization (such as iconicity and naturalness).
    - The relationship between language and thought.
    - The conceptual interface between syntax and semantics.
    - The experiential and pragmatic basis of language.
    - The conceptual basis and structural organization of signed languages.
    - The nature of language in its evolutionary and historical perspectives.
    - The acquisition of language via cognitive, communicative and general social experience.
    - The relationship between language and non-linguistic aspects of communication such as gesture.

Submission formats
The languages of the conference are Spanish and English. Oral session slots will be allocated 30 minutes. The conference features a number of theme sessions and a general session.

1. Theme sessions
Organizers will send a proposal for the panel in pdf directly to the conference organizers (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by February 15th 2018, with the following content and format:  Session title, name and affiliation of the theme session convener(s), an introduction of up to 500 words (excluding references) explaining the theme session, a list of the authors and titles of 6 to 8 papers and, if possible, all the abstracts of the individual papers. Notification of provisional acceptance of theme session proposals: March 15th 2018.

If the session is provisionally accepted, the participants will submit their proposals in pdf format separately through EasyChair ( no later than April 1st 2018. They should have the following content: title, five keywords, and an abstract specifying research questions, methodology, data and expected results. Notification of acceptance of individual theme session papers: June 1st 2018.

2. General session
Proposals will be sent in pdf format (500 words, including examples but excluding figures and references), no later than April 1st 2018. They should have the following content: type of the presentation (oral or poster presentation), its title, five keywords, and an abstract specifying research questions, methodology, data and expected results. They will be submitted through EasyChair ( Notification of acceptance: June 1st 2018.

As in previous editions, with the aim of promoting both the participation of young researchers and the presentation in poster format, two prizes will be awarded by the Association:

    - AELCO/SCOLA Award to the best oral presentation by PhD or master's degree students.
    - AELCO/SCOLA Best Poster Award.

Criteria for participation can be found on the Association's website:

The Local Organizing Committee:
    Antonio Barcelona
    Olga Blanco Carrión
    Isabel Durán Muñoz
    Eva Lucía Jiménez Navarro